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The eight most common heavy machinery in modern port terminals (1)

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The eight most common heavy machinery in modern port terminals (1)

At present, information technology has been applied to all aspects of port production, from internal production scheduling, terminal operations, business management, and security supervision of port enterprises to external EDI data exchange, logistics platforms, and port platform construction. In the next few years, the port machinery and equipment market will expand rapidly. Let's take a look at the most common machinery and equipment currently in port terminals.


Shore container crane


The quayside container crane (shore bridge for short) is the main equipment for loading and unloading containers between the container ship and the front of the terminal. Some docks also use the long span and long backstroke of the shore bridge to directly carry out yard operations. The loading and unloading capacity and speed of the quay bridge directly determine the productivity of the terminal operation. Therefore, the quay bridge is the main equipment for port container handling. With the vigorous development of container shipping vessels and technological advancement, the shore bridge is constantly being updated, and the technology content is getting higher and higher. It is moving towards large-scale, high-speed, automation, and intelligent, as well as high reliability, long life, Development of low energy consumption and environmental protection. 


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Ship loader


Ship loader is a large-scale bulk machine used in bulk terminal loading. The general ship loading machine is composed of a boom belt conveyor, a transitional belt conveyor, a telescopic drum, a tail car, a traveling device, a mast, a tower, a pitching device, a slewing device, etc. Large-scale bulk bulk shipping equipment plays an important role in the high-speed, stable, efficient, and rolling development of energy, power, metallurgy, and port industries, especially some bulk bulk distribution centers. Shiploaders are usually continuous loading operations. Therefore, it must be equipped with equipment to provide continuous material flow so that the loader can continue to load. Such as grain silo feeding in the grain terminal, continuous feeding by bucket wheel reclaimer in the material yard of the coal terminal, etc.


Due to the different characteristics of the cargo loaded and unloaded at the dry bulk terminal, the types of ships are also many. In addition, the working environment is harsh under the influence of the dust of the bulk cargo, and there are more stringent requirements for testing equipment and technology. The degree of automation of the ship system is relatively low, basically relying on manual site operation. Adopting manual operation on the site On the one hand, due to the harsh working conditions (high temperature, high dust, high noise, etc.) of the bulk terminal, it will endanger the physical and mental health of the site staff. On the other hand, due to poor working conditions and long-term cargo loading, it is easy to cause worker fatigue and cause accidents during the loading process. In addition, due to manual loading, the operation process will be irregular and unscientific. For example, in order to avoid collision, the drum is suspended above the cabin, causing dust to fly and cargo loss. Because berths are a scarce resource at the terminal, the loading process of bulk terminals has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the flow of bulk cargo, and an automated loading system is urgently needed. Therefore, one of the biggest development trends of shiploaders in the future is that the degree of automation will become increasingly high. 

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Ship unloader


Ship unloader is a major loading and unloading equipment at the front of the wharf, which plays an important role in the system's working efficiency. Therefore, all major ports call the largest ship type at the wharf. In order to achieve the maximum productivity of the system, an efficient and reliable ship unloader is selected. At present, most of China's coal and ore terminal ship unloaders use grab ship unloaders. 


The bridge grab ship unloader is composed of a lifting mechanism / opening and closing mechanism, a trolley traction mechanism, a pitching mechanism, a trolley travel mechanism, a falling material recovery device, a boom hook and metal structure, and electrical and control system equipment. During operation, the grapple grabs the material from the cabin and lifts it to the top of the hopper for discharging, and the material is sent to the lower belt conveyor system by the vibrating feeder.


The bridge grab ship unloader needs three main working mechanisms to complete a grab work cycle: a grab lifting / lowering mechanism, a grab closing / opening mechanism, and a trolley travel mechanism. The core part of the bridge ship unloader is the grab trolley travel mechanism. After decades of development, the grab trolley has experienced the development of self-propelled trolleys and wire rope traction trolleys.


Compared with continuous ship unloader, bridge grab ship unloader is generally considered to be the biggest disadvantage is not good for environmental protection. In recent years, by adopting a variety of anti-pollution measures at the picking point, the material transfer point on the machine, the receiving hopper, and the grab, the environmental pollution of the grab ship unloader can be effectively controlled. In addition, the new technological progress of the bridge grab ship unloader is mainly reflected in the trolley structure.

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Container reach stacker


Container reach stacker is a container loading and unloading machine used to complete container loading, unloading, stacking and horizontal transportation operations. It has the advantages of strong maneuverability, high operating efficiency, safety and reliability, simple operation, and comfort. It is an ideal cargo yard loading and unloading machinery. 


Container reach stackers are mainly divided into single-arm and double-arm structures. The boom of a single-arm container reach stacker is a two-stage telescopic single boom, and the boom is supported by two pitching hydraulic cylinders. The structure is simple, the manufacturing is convenient, and the operation is flexible. It is the most widely used form of container reach stacker. The two-arm container reach stacker adopts double booms, and each boom is supported by a pitch hydraulic cylinder. The two sets of booms can be operated separately or synchronously. The load distribution of the boom is reasonable and the spreader work is stable Improved performance, but complex structure and poor mobility. Less currently used.


The lifting capacity of the container reach stacker is determined according to the rated lifting weight and the weight of the spreader. The rated lifting capacity is generally determined according to the maximum total weight of the container being hoisted. For the international standard 40h container, the maximum weight is 30.5t. At present, the weight of the 40h front lifter produced by various manufacturers is about 10t.


The running distance of the container reach stacker is generally reasonable within 40-50m. If the distance is too far, the trailer should be used for horizontal transportation between the cutting-edge machinery and the yard. The container reach stacker is only allowed to drive at low speed when full load, because the container reach stacker has a large weight. When hoisting at 40t, the total weight of the whole machine reaches 110t. If the driving speed is too fast, it will have a great impact on climbing, braking, stability of the whole machine and engine power, so the maximum speed is generally not more than 10km/h. It can drive at high speed under no load, generally about 25km / h.

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If you are interested in port heavy equipment, please feel free to contact us. All models in the article are sold by our company. And next month, we will write about the other four port heavy equipment.

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