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Do the following to easily improve the life of the impact crusher

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Company News
Do the following to easily improve the life of the impact crusher
Latest company news about Do the following to easily improve the life of the impact   crusher

The use of equipment inevitably leads to loss, which in turn affects the efficiency of the equipment and the efficiency is getting lower and lower. Learn about these routine maintenance techniques to extend equipment life and increase efficiency.


First, understand the working principle of the impact crusher:


When the impact crusher is in operation, the rotor rotates at high speed under the drive of the motor. When the material enters the active area of the hammer, it collides with the hammer on the rotor, is thrown into the counter-attack device and ruptures again, and then counterattacks. The liner rebounds back to the hammering zone and is then crushed again. This process is repeated and the material is repeatedly broken into large, small and small counter-attack chambers until the material is comminuted to the desired particle size and discharged from the discharge port.


Second, the solution skills:


It can be seen from the working principle of the reaction type mobile crushing station that in the long-term crushing operation, the wear of the crushing chamber is the most serious. Therefore, in routine maintenance and repair work, it is often possible to check the wear of the hammer and replace it and repair it in time.


1. In the case of severe wear or breakage, the method of restoring repair is to carry out the surfacing test on the worn plate hammer with 506 electrode, No. 2 high carbon electrode and No. 5 high tungsten electrode. The anti-impact hammer after surfacing of No. 5 high tungsten electrode has the best wear resistance and impact resistance. After surfacing with the 506 electrode and the No. 2 high carbon electrode, the wear resistance of the counterweight is also more than 2 times higher than that of the original high manganese steel  counterweight. However, these two types of weld overlay welding are costly and economically uneconomical. Therefore, the No. 5 high-tungsten electrode has good wear resistance and high economy. The specific method is to use the sub-plate to wear 3~5mm. No. 5 high tungsten electrode is surfacing 2 to 3 times.


2. In the daily work, you can adjust the impact angle of the impact crusher. An increase in the impact angle increases the impact strength and ensures the particle size after the material breaks.


3. Since the heavy hammer is a more worn component, it can be interchanged and reversed in the design of the heavy hammer.


4. The gap between the rotor of the impact crusher and the front part of the casing can be appropriately increased, the front portion of the body can be prevented from being blocked, the production efficiency of the discharge material is effectively improved, and the wear of the parts is reduced.


5. The front counter-plate boom and the rear counter-pressure bar of the impact crusher are integrated to improve the elastic vibration of the counter-attack plate, so that the bonded material on the counter-attack plate can be sent to the crusher casing in time, crushed and subsequently The materials enter the lower silo together.


If the equipment is to extend its life and improve its operating efficiency, then it is important to pay attention to good routine maintenance and overhaul work. In addition, quality product quality is a top priority.Our company has dozens of equipments to choose from, from coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing to grinding machine, washing machine, etc., fully equipped, welcome to consult and order.

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