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Deep secret! XCMG's first unmanned engineering dump truck performance details

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Company News
Deep secret! XCMG's first unmanned engineering dump truck performance details
Latest company news about Deep secret! XCMG's first unmanned engineering dump truck performance details

Imagine that you found a dump truck at the mining site in automatic operation! We recently launched the XG90H intelligent driverless engineering dump truck. This mine card automatically identifies the fork and avoids obstacles.

  latest company news about Deep secret! XCMG's first unmanned engineering dump truck performance details  0

The car adopts many advanced sensing systems such as millimeter wave radar and binocular camera. It integrates the unmanned technology developed by XCMG heavy-duty trucks, and can realize many unmanned functions such as self-loading, tracking, intelligent obstacle avoidance and so on.



The dump truck can automatically enter the loading station, and automatically start after the loading is completed, and travel along the planned route. After reaching the unloading point, turn and turn the head automatically, and stop at the appropriate unloading station under the guidance of the sensing system. The unloading and lifting process automatically adapts to the actual working conditions, and the container can stay at any lifting angle, with quick discharge and no residue.



After the mine road planning is entered into the system, the unmanned dump truck can follow the mine road for tracking. The cloud control platform can set the vehicle's maximum speed, maximum speed, throttle opening and other information to achieve the best fuel economy.


Intelligent obstacle avoidance:

XCMG unmanned dump trucks have advanced intelligent obstacle avoidance functions. After encountering the obstacle in front, the vehicle calculation unit will judge the type and size of the obstacle. Whether it is rockfall, vehicle or pedestrian, the system can make an accurate identification, so as to develop an optimal obstacle avoidance path and slow down.


X intelligent control:

Acceleration, braking, steering, lifting, lighting and other functions are all implemented by XCMG's "X-Intelligent Control" system to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the actuator control, and the vehicle executive has a high degree of autonomy.


Driving mode one-touch switching:

In order to fully realize the value of the vehicle during the whole life cycle, the manual driving function is retained, and the manual driving and the unmanned driving modes can be switched by one button, which is convenient for vehicle transportation, debugging and maintenance.


Multi-sensor sensing fusion:

The visual and distance information is obtained through the binocular camera, and combined with deep learning technology, the identification of various objects is more accurate and efficient. The millimeter wave radar has a long detection range and strong penetrating ability, and can effectively cross the smoke, fog, and dust to obtain the position and velocity information of the object. Lidar provides 360-degree point cloud information, and uses advanced segmentation classification algorithms to achieve accurate identification and tracking of obstacles. Based on the differential GPS and IMU fusion positioning system, error correction and predictive control are realized to ensure the positioning accuracy reaches the centimeter level.


Safe and economic:

Unmanned driving reduces the driver's personal safety hazard to “zero”, while significantly reducing labor costs and fuel costs, significantly improving management efficiency, and effectively avoiding the increase in equipment maintenance costs caused by barbaric operations.


The successful release of the XG90H heavy-duty unmanned engineering dump truck made the “smart mine” move from concept to reality. In the future, XCMG Heavy Truck will continue to focus on the construction of “Smart Mine” system, and continue to create more possibilities for customers, so that China Manufacturing will bring higher value to customers around the world.


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